Earn by renting out your PCO licensed vehicle

Have you ever dreamed about earning money…while resting? Have a PCO licensed vehicle? Need a break, but can‘t afford the money loss? We can take care of that by helping to rent out your PCO licensed vehicle for a fair monthly commission. Contact us now to get more details on that.

Client call handling

Each day we take numerous calls from our clients regarding insurance, vehicles, technical issues and different other situations they might be facing. The close communication is the key to a successful partnership. We understand that. We do that.

Car Servicing

No matter how technically advanced modern cars are they still need routine maintenance.  Filters, brake pads, tires – this need to be changed on time, otherwise there might be some unpleasant situations while the car is on the road. We know that and we keep a close eye on the car mileage, making sure vehicle reaches our authorized garages for maintenance on time and with the minimum hassle for our customers.

PCO licenses and MOT tests

This is yet again the thing you are not supposed to worry about. We store all the data about PCO licenses in the secure place, we make sure there will be no expiry date missed. If the MOT test is about to be done – we organize the delivery of the vehicles to the test stations.


Right people for the right job. That is our motto in recruiting. We test all the candidates for driver’s position to ensure they have sufficient driving skills – minimum 30 minutes test drive is a must. Besides that, we examine driver’s character, background, check and track all the necessary documents – PCO, driver’s licenses, proofs of addresses and other details we need to have according to the law.

Car tracker

We know exactly where are the cars we are looking after, how long they are on the road, average daily mileage, speed, and all other useful things. This data is collected on our tracker system so we can instantly see if there were any breaches of the driving rules, penalties received or other unusual happenings.


If the vehicle is not rented yet, we keep it in the secure Rainham based compound, covered with live CCTV, overnight locked gates and intruder alarm.

Send us your car details


Our commission for this service varies from 50 to 100 pounds/month. The exact amount depends on the car model and rental time frames.